The craziness of this…

Hello all!! Hoping your weekend was as awesome as mine! This is my official first “blog” so I’m just going with the flow… I’m just a country girl from upstate New York who has found a few passions in life over the years… I’m hoping to get feed back from y’all with your experience on my latest creations…

Passion #1 is and always will be be my dogs and animal rescue.

Passion #2 is photography – of nature, the mountains, the trees, waterfalls, oceans, ice, snow and of course the wild animals …. (minus the snakes and maybe a few others that freak me out)

Passion #3 in my travels of work and the the love of nature and the need to get my 5 dogs out to run and swim (if places do exist in New Mexico/ west Test) When we do go find a puddle to jump in then it’s my turn to start looking for drift wood. My goal is to find the amazing slab/tree root/chunk of drift wood that I can turn into a live edge table for my RV. In the meantime I find crazy chunks of driftwood and I now resin coat them w/mica powder…

I’m so loving this! It’s enhancing the drift wood.. with the most vibrant colors that just bring out all the beautiful qualities of the wood. BUT I have lots to learn.

So this is why I’ve started this. I need advise on how to and how not to and what should I and what shouldn’t I.

Everything so far has been trial and error but it sure can get pricey….

For starters and ideas on how to keep my light wood from turn dark when I begin to paint on the epoxy?

What is the best way to make a box and seal it so that the epoxy won’t leak when doing a big poor?

Those are my 2 biggies for now!!

Peace out moon child!!!

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